Why is the US going through a season of drought? The investigation begins….

Are US water reserves still running dry?

Water in drought conditionsSevere drought conditions have become the norm throughout Western USA and in particular California. Over the last 15 years this has brought devastation to agriculture livestock, along with fierce wildfires that have consumed over 9 million acres of vegetation. Water restrictions have been put in place due to the lack of rainfall.

Although the West has been prone to drought conditions, experts say that the last time it was as dry as this 15 year period was 850 years ago. It is even claimed that this could be a mega drought which could threaten civilization.

Having said that, when hurricanes are added to the equation as in the recent case of Hurricane Joaquin, there has been torrential rainfall of 1-2″ an hour in places, causing even the most arid Atacama desert to life with a carpet of flowers after 14 years of rain fell in a day.

So why should we be concerned about drought after such a heavy downfall? One word………..El Nino.