Bottled Water Corporations vs Drought – Why We Need a US Water Revolution

Bottled Water Companies Continue to Profit Regardless of the Risk

In California where the drought conditions are at the worst in the country, Large Corporations are exploiting the reservoirs to meet the bottled water demand. There are 5 bottling plants that Nestle Corporation operate in the area whiBottled water demandch extract a total of 705 million gallons of water every year, selling it on to the public for over 2000 times the cost. According to NASA data, since satellite monitoring began in 2002 water storage has been steadily declining. This to such an extent that even the backup water supply – groundwater is running out.
Even with this knowledge, the CEO of Nestle Peter Brabeck declared that water should be considered as food that should be privatized and not a basic human right.

When you take into consideration all the bottling companies in California 2.6 billion gallons of water per year are being taken from their depleted water resources. Although this is small in comparison to the amount being used by city residents and agriculture it still begs the question – Do the Corporations believe that profit is more important than life? Perhaps we should be taking a closer look at the importance of drinking water.