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Water Pollution – What In The World Is Happening To Our Water Supply

Water Pollution

Every where you look these days there are dangers to our health, with water pollution being of highest concern, threatening our very existence.

SeawasteThe question remains; Who is responsible for the man made disasters? Unfortunately the truth is a lot harder to bear than you think! Yes, that’s right – You and I must take some of the responsibility. Every time you dispense with your plastic milk bottle you indirectly pollute the sea or landfill site. If you shower with micro abrasive shower gel, you affect the drinking water by introducing tiny plastic beads into the food chain. Maybe you know someone that carelessly empties the spent oil change down the drain.

Of course these seem minor offences when compared to the Corporate misdemeanors and natural disasters, but multiplied millions of times over and we are not so innocent after all.

Let’s take a look at what the main categories of water pollution are.

  1. Point Source Pollution – One source only
  2. Non Point Source Pollution – Many Sources

Point Source Pollution

This could include

  • Municipal Sewage treatment flowing  into the streams, seas and oceans
  • Industrial waste


FukushimaYou may recall back in 2004 when the Pacific Ocean had an offshore 9.0 Megaquake better known as a Tsunami which caused waves of up to 10 metres (33ft) causing mass destruction. The most notable of all was the resulting disaster that crippled the Fukushima Atomic Power Station. The power supply was cut and in three days three reactors exploded and another caught fire. Although much has been done to stop the radioactive waste entering into the Pacific Ocean, the containers have proven unsatisfactory leaving contamination in the aquifers harming local residents. The Pacific Ocean since then has seen a massive 91% drop in the fish population and has even left it’s mark on the West Coast of America, Ireland and Scotland.

Drinking Water

Rio DoceOn the South Coast of Brazil in the Minas Gervais Region, lies a river known as Rio Doce, which literally means Sweet River. In November 2015 an Iron mine was repairing two dams when they both collapsed sending 60 million tonnes of toxic waste 310 miles downstream to the Atlantic Ocean devastating anything in its path.

The water management authorities who tested the sludge found Mercury, Arsenic, Chromium and Manganese at levels far higher than human could endure. The effects of water contamination here has decimated life in the area for generations to come.

At the mouth of the River Doce is the feeding and breeding ground  for marine life. Thousands of fish birds and animals have already died, with many more facing a bleak future.

A quarter of a million people had their drinking water turned off, forcing the Brazilian Armed Forces to distribute 440,000 liters of bottled mineral water. It has been suggested that it could be 100 years before the whole of the South East Coast is declared safe again.

Non Point Pollution

  • Urban, Agricultural, Industrial and Construction runoff.
  • Salt from irrigation or snow clearing practices
  • Bacteria from livestock farms
  • Fracking


FrackingFracking has been a hot topic for a number of years now, as oil companies search for the earths rich reserves of gas deep in the earths crust.

This type of mining requires millions of gallons of water along with fracking fluid to be forced into Shale rock creating cracks in order to release the natural gas on each fracking operation. The problem with this is those chemicals used are both toxic and carcinogenic, and leave the state of the tap water flammable.

In 2002 Steve Lipsky took pictures and videos of him setting light to his drinking water. The Methane levels were such high levels that accompanied the water it led him to sue the owners of the mining operation Range Resources for $6.5 million as they were responsible  for Fracking contamination at the hydraulic fracturing well. Texas and Pennsylvania are the key areas where these operations are more predominant in the US.

The backlash from this bad publicity combined with the drop in oil prices has resulted in many Fracking companies going into liquidation.

In Conclusion

As the earth is made up of 75% water, you would think there would be enough for all 7.5 billion people to drink. However, as the oceans and seas make up 97.5%, and much of the remaining 2.5% is ice, we are  left with less than 1% for drinking water.

Worlds WaterI think we would all agree that since the Good Lord gave us the task of being custodians of this beautiful planet, the human race has done a pretty lousy job of looking after it. Since there have been so many natural and man made disasters so far this century of significant consequence, you would have thought lessons would be learned and tighter safeguards would be put in place to avoid this depletion of earths most vital asset. However, what we find is carbon emissions at the highest level in history, due to forest fires after felling operations, and an increase in Heavy Industrial output resulting in acid rainfall. Add to that the water authorities in 30 countries receiving fluoridation treatment (another highly toxic chemical) and Chemtrails (Aluminum Nitrate) being released from planes, it is no small wonder that many are falling sick.

Thankfully we have environmentalists such as Greenpeace who dared to defy Industrial and Commercial Corporations in the midst of their pollution dumping exercises, and led the way to see Government Policy change as a result of their brave maneuvers.

This is surely a time to be prepared for survival and ensure that we are careful to find the cleanest water possible so we drink water to keep our bodies free of contamination.

The Importance of Drinking Water

Our natural resource

Did ybottledwaterou know that water is the second most important resource. Without air we cannot breathe and you would only survive a couple of minutes, but without water medical experts say you could only last a couple of weeks, depending on if the temperature was hot or cold.
Since 70% of our weight is water (about the same amount of water that covers the earth curiously enough), we need to keep drinking enough to stay healthy.
Unfortunately, the vast majority of us take the benefits of drinking water for granted, and is not seen as a priority.

How does Drinking Water Benefit Us?

Every cell and organ in our bodies needs water to function effectively. All the joints are lubricated, the sensitive tissues and the spinal cord protected. For those of you that you would like to maintain your youthful appearance and don’t like wrinkles, you must remember that the skin is the largest organ of the body and therefore needs to be hydrated from within. Water helps with digestion of food through the intestines and removal of toxins through the kidneys (which I will go on to cover). It also helps us regulate our body temperature – which is why you sweat. All the water you use through sweating and urinating (Ewww!) and other bodily functions must be replaced. Drinking water is the best way to do this. Diuretic drinks such as coffee and alcohol do not count as they cause the body to lose more water.

How Much Water to Drink in a Day

Depending on how active you are, your intake will be different from the next person. Medical advice is 3ltrs/day for men and 2.2ltrs/day for women. If you are living an active and healthy lifestyle, working out and living to a level of high performance then you will need 7-8 hours of sleep and drink around 6ltrs/day. “That’s way to much. I will be going to the toilet every 5 minutes” you are probably thinking to yourself. Well read on…

Are you Kidneying me?

The fist sized and bean shaped Kidneys are vital organs that help to remove waste products and fluid to the bladder. In fact of the 227ltrs of fluid that gets filtered through the kidneys each day around 3 ltrs is removed through urine and the rest is recovered by the blood. These are the key organs that control our levels of acid, salt and potassium among other things. Without the correct levels of chemical balance, it could result in seizures or blackouts. Also the build up of excess fluid has a knock on effect, as the toxins and waste build up inside the body. Some people who suffer from headaches or depression may need to increase their intake. If you consistently fail to wash out your kidneys, you could end up with urinary infections, chronic kidney disease or Kidney failure, which could be fatal.

So how can I check if I am hydrated enough?

The easy way to check if you are hydrated enough is to inspect the colour of your urine the next time you go to the toilet.
If it is clear with slight coloration and odorless then you are okay, but if your urine smells strong and is dark brown then you are facing the dangers of dehydration, or orange could mean you have bile duct condition. If it is dark pink to red and you haven’t been eating beetroots then you may have blood in your water, so best get yourself to the doctors. Any weird colors like blue or green then medical help is what you need.
Ultimately you need to take care of yourself and drink plenty of water to stay healthy. Even if you are not working out each day and decide to take up the 6ltrs/day challenge, then you should at least aim for 8 cups of water per day at the very least. We all need to be drinking water to survive, so take care…..

Why You Should Join The US Water Revolution

Hey, Peter here,

Thanks for checking out my blog. You have come to the right place. If you are looking  for a comprehensive review of the US Water Revolution guide, then you have found it.

Before I go any further, I need to make it perfectly clear that this is an honest and unbiased review of the US Water Revolution guide. These are the ESSENTIAL details of why  you need to grab your copy today.

So What Exactly is the US Water Revolution All About?

Whether you are in an area of drought prone weather such as California or not, the US Water Revolution delivers the goods with very practical, down-to-earth instructions.
The video and ebook teaches you how to create your very own water supply from scratch.
The book is divided in to 3 main sections:-

  • Parts and TipsTotal Review of US Water Revolution Guide
  • Tools and Tips

These provide you with clear, no nonsense instructions and pictures of everything that you would need to get started.
Then comes the fun part –

  • How the Water Revolution System is Made.

This is basically an idiots guide to creating a sustainable water resource that you could rely on for years to come.
One of the things I noticed and appreciated as I read this book and watched the accompanying video was the way in which the information was made so easy to understand. As long as you have the tools, equipment, and the time to set aside the assembly is a piece of cake.



Why should you be wanting to make your own eco friendly water supply?

If you have read the last few blogs, it is clear that whether you are in a drought or a monsoon, good clean drinking water is an essential commodity that none of us can do without.

A hot sunny day would normally be classed as a good day, but if those days turn into weeks, months and then years then it’s not such good weather after all, is it?. As Cassandra Clare (author of City of Lost Souls) The Dangers of The Drought Conditionwas quoted as saying

“Too much of anything could destroy you”.

The point is that even if there is rainfall or even thick snow, you need to be prepared with a back up plan, should another drought come upon the land, as has already been predicted.
Then again, even if all the predictions are wrong as we all know they do, at least you would have your own source of clean drinkable water that you know hasn’t been tampered with.

Also it could save you a small fortune over time by not paying extortionate prices for bottled water.

What are the positive things about US Water Revolution?

Thankfully you don’t need to be a Professor or some kind of whiz kid to understand how to get from start to finish.
As mentioned, this makes for a very easy read and along with the instructional video even a child could put this water system together.
Ultimately, the end product is good clean water…..and plenty of it.

Watch the US Water Revolution Video Now


Overall, what do you think?

The Pros

If you are looking for a reliable and economically viable way to provide clean drinking water then this is definitely the ebook/video for you. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort into the way this step-by-step guide is presented. I thoroughly recommend it.

The Cons

To be perfectly honest, I found the introductory video could have got to the point a bit quicker although it did bring up some important facts. My advice would be to scroll down to the tab below to cut to the chase. However, be encouraged because you are about to see the true value of something that will bring long term benefits as I did. Then just go with the flow!

Watch the US Water Revolution Video Now

So what is El Nino? Surely the storms should replenish the water supply?

Satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina over The Gulf of Mexico on August 28, 2005. This NOAA image is in the public domain. GOES-12 4 km infrared imagery.

Satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina over The Gulf of Mexico on August 28, 2005. This NOAA image is in the public domain. GOES-12 4 km infrared imagery.

El Nino is a pattern of irregular and complex climate changes that primarily affect the Pacific region of the equator. Every few years, following a rise in ocean temperatures of North Peru and Equador there are devastating storms, floods, hurricanes, mudslides followed by extreme drought.

If you are old enough you will remember 1997-98 when El Nino struck, affecting Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Australia. All those extreme conditions caused unseasonal heavy rain to hit South America when the wind patterns reversed. This also hit Eastern Central Africa causing $33 million of damage to property.

At the time of writing this the experts are predicting a Godzilla El Nino as satellites have seen the same pattern of warm water as 1997 only wider. El Nino means ‘little boy’ and stands for the warmer cyclical phase. Less frequently ‘La Nina ‘little girl’ comes onto the scene and is the cooler phase, but that is not what is happening here.

One other problem that wasn’t there in 1997/98 was the Oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. In 2012 the Gulf stream came to a halt after BP had a major oil spill and effectively sent it on a circular path upsetting the balance of the earths currents and weather patterns. Although attempts have been made to cap the fracture oil continues to pour out and causing the water temperature to be much warmer.

If 2012 is anything to go by, once all the freakish weather conditions I mentioned by February the weather will change back to high temperatures and the high probability of a return to drought conditions again.

Is this making you feel thirsty? Click here to see what I discovered!

Bottled Water Corporations vs Drought – Why We Need a US Water Revolution

Bottled Water Companies Continue to Profit Regardless of the Risk

In California where the drought conditions are at the worst in the country, Large Corporations are exploiting the reservoirs to meet the bottled water demand. There are 5 bottling plants that Nestle Corporation operate in the area whiBottled water demandch extract a total of 705 million gallons of water every year, selling it on to the public for over 2000 times the cost. According to NASA data, since satellite monitoring began in 2002 water storage has been steadily declining. This to such an extent that even the backup water supply – groundwater is running out.
Even with this knowledge, the CEO of Nestle Peter Brabeck declared that water should be considered as food that should be privatized and not a basic human right.

When you take into consideration all the bottling companies in California 2.6 billion gallons of water per year are being taken from their depleted water resources. Although this is small in comparison to the amount being used by city residents and agriculture it still begs the question – Do the Corporations believe that profit is more important than life? Perhaps we should be taking a closer look at the importance of drinking water.

Why is the US going through a season of drought? The investigation begins….

Are US water reserves still running dry?

Water in drought conditionsSevere drought conditions have become the norm throughout Western USA and in particular California. Over the last 15 years this has brought devastation to agriculture livestock, along with fierce wildfires that have consumed over 9 million acres of vegetation. Water restrictions have been put in place due to the lack of rainfall.

Although the West has been prone to drought conditions, experts say that the last time it was as dry as this 15 year period was 850 years ago. It is even claimed that this could be a mega drought which could threaten civilization.

Having said that, when hurricanes are added to the equation as in the recent case of Hurricane Joaquin, there has been torrential rainfall of 1-2″ an hour in places, causing even the most arid Atacama desert to life with a carpet of flowers after 14 years of rain fell in a day.

So why should we be concerned about drought after such a heavy downfall? One word………..El Nino.